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Phobia - Wikipedia
A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. The phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months.

Phobia | Definition of Phobia by Merriam-Webster
These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'phobia.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Phobia | Define Phobia at
Phobia definition, a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. See more.

Phobia List - Official Site
NEWS. Added three phobias to the letter "Q". Fredd -Fredd ----- If you appreciate the Phobia List, please help support it.

Phobia | definition of phobia by Medical dictionary
phobia [fo´be-ah] a persistent, irrational, intense fear of a specific object, activity, or situation (the phobic stimulus), fear that is recognized as being excessive or ...

Phobias: Learn About Phobia Causes and Treatments
Get the facts on phobia causes, symptoms, and treatments. Types of phobias include social phobia, agoraphobia, and specific phobias (claustrophobia, arachnophobia).

Phobia Haunted Houses - 8 Haunts, 1 Killer Location ...
8 haunts at 1 killer location! The most intense and terrifying experience in Houston!

Phobia - definition of phobia by The Free Dictionary
pho·bi·a (fō′bē-ə) n. 1. A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and ...

Phobia List – The Ultimate List of Phobias and Fears
This website is dedicated to fears and phobias. It contains a large list of phobias and teaches how to cope with and ultimately cure your fear.You can also learn more about phobia symptoms and what fear is.

Phobia | psychology |
Phobia: Phobia,, an extreme, irrational fear of a specific object or situation. A phobia is classified as a type of anxiety disorder, since anxiety is the chief symptom experienced by the sufferer.



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Daily Telegraph

University newspapers warn readers of content containing death, childbirth, homophobic language
Daily Telegraph
Lungol Wekina, editor of the University of NSW's Tharunka magazine, defended its use of a warning on “gendered language” in the May issue. “Language that is coded to perpetuate the marginalisation and vilification of vulnerable groups can be perceived ...

and more »

Folsom Telegraph

Talking to strangers
Folsom Telegraph
I've looked at magazines and wondered how people get their words on a glossy page. I've seen ... It's comforting to know that I have a supportive mentor and fellow intern, and it's reassuring to know that social phobias are some of the most common fears.

Economic Times

Don't let fear turn into phobia. Watch out for these signs
Economic Times
When a phobia starts hampering daily activities to a significant extent, it becomes a phobic disorder. For example, a person with social phobia may avoid going out or walking on certain streets or take extreme measures to avoid bumping into certain ...

Economic Times

Here are some of the strangest phobias one can have
Economic Times
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Reporter Magazine

Freaky Fears and Fascinating Phobias
Reporter Magazine
It's an ordinary, blissful day. Until you see it: a spider, glaring at you menacingly. Your heart starts racing and hands start sweating. Your breath gets shorter. Every instinct is telling you to run far, far away. You can't think rationally, can't ...


Sanchez-Kane Tackles Sexual Oppression in Mexico - PAPER
In her second show at NYFW, Barbara Sanchez-Kane turned up the volume on her out-there approach to fashion. Two dancers in orange chaps and jockstraps ...

and more »

Economic Times

Smoking regularly ups anxiety and can make you easily paranoid
Economic Times
WASHINGTON D.C: You may have to quit that ciggy, as a study has found that smoking cigarette may leave people more vulnerable to suffer from phobias and other types of chronic fear like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Scientists have found that ...

and more »

The indy100

Artist creates terrifying illustrations of your biggest phobias
The indy100
Throughout October, or should we say "Feartober", artist Shawn Cross has been illustrating some of the most common phobias and sharing them on his Instagram account. Even if you aren't scared of any of the following things, Shawn's impressive and ...


The 7 Oddest Things Donald Trump Thinks
But over decades of self-aggrandizing self-help books and countless no-idea-too-banal interviews, Trump has introduced into the public record everything from his phobia of baldness to his convictions that exercise saps vitality rather than restoring it ...

Paralysed by phobias
No, writing isn't what's scaring me — it is writing about phobias that is making me nervous because it makes me think of my own phobia. Sheesh! How do I write about it? Okay, let me give it a try. I am scared of reptiles, especially snakes and house ...



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