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WHAT SCARES YOU? List of Phobias - The Search Resource
A complete list of Phobias, fears that can cause anxiety, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath or panic...or what scares you.

Weird phobias? | Yahoo Answers
elurophobia: cats (Ailurophobia) emetophobia: ... Source(s): this is a complete list of all the weird phobias.please regard my answer as the best one.

List of Phobias : IRRATIONAL FEAR - English for Students
List of Phobias : The ROOT-WORD is PHOBIA which comes from Greek word Phobos which means IRRATIONAL FEAR.

Phobias fears, hypnotherapy, hypnosis, Bournemouth, Poole ...
Elurophobia: Cats. Enochlophobia: Crowds ... Wessex Hypnotherapy takes your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your ...

List of Phobias: Information Xchange / StuartXchange
A List of Phobias: A user-friendly compilation of phobias by Dr Godofredo Stuart, alphabetized and presented together in both phobia names and source of the phobia.

DID YOU KNOW? PHOBIAS. Phobias are rife in the gardening world, ... Elurophobia - cats. Ichthyophobia - fish. Lachanophobia - vegetables. Myrmecophobia - ants.

Help for phobias and fears in Poole, Bournemouth ...
Help for phobias and fears, spiders, needles, heights & fear of flying, dentists, heights, blood, dogs, birds, bees, Agoraphobia (open spaces), Claustrophobia (closed spaces) in Poole, Bournemouth, Wimborne, Broadstone & Dorset using hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Malenaadu: Phobias of The Rich and Famous - Blogger
Phobias of The Rich and Famous A . ablutophobia: . washing or bathing. acarophobia: . itching. acerophobia: . sourness. achluophobia:

how many total 'phobias' are there? | Yahoo Answers
How many total 'phobias' are there? how many phobias are there? Follow . 20 answers 20. ... Elurophobia: cats (Ailurophobia) Emetophobia: vomiting

Root Word | Agoraphobia | Wellness
Root Word Meaning ablutophobia: washing or bathing acarophobia: itching acerophobia: sourness achluophobia: darkness acousticophobia: noise acrophobia



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Dhaka Tribune

One man's 'cute' is another man's phobia
Dhaka Tribune
Even though it's difficult for most cat lovers to understand why anyone would be afraid of cats, Ailurophobia is very real and can be a genuine problem for people like Elina who suffers from it. It is considered to be a type of anxiety disorder, where ...

Chicago Tribune

Chicago's rat problem gnaws at feline fears
Chicago Tribune
Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charles Williams pointed out that while the feral cats might be effective in getting rid of the rats, we would then be stuck with a bunch of feral cats roaming the neighborhoods. He didn't mention that some people ...

The Conversation UK

Why are some people afraid of cats?
The Conversation UK
One particular phobia that attracted considerable medical and popular attention was ailurophobia – that fear of cats. Medics themselves tapped into the public interest, writing in the pages of popular magazines. The American neurologist Silas Weir ...

Chicago Tribune

My irrational fear of cats — and how they sniff it out
Chicago Tribune
I don't know where my intense fear of cats came from or when it began. Ailurophobia, by definition, is irrational. But I am sure of this: Those sneaky little devils are out to get me. The felines of the world clearly have formed an alliance to make my ...

The Digital Bits

Eye of the Cat (Blu-ray Review)
The Digital Bits
The film stars Michael Sarrazin as Wylie and Gayle Hunnicut as Kassia, a pair of mismatched lovers who are plotting to kill Wylie's wealthy but unhealthy Aunt Danny (Eleanor Parker). Unfortunately for Wylie, he suffers from Ailurophobia, a fear of cats ...

Miami Herald

Summer Shorts Festival continues to electrify the season
Miami Herald
Diana Garle plays the aroused cat owner in “Ailurophobia,” the amusingly exploitative and doubtless crazy friend in “bedtime,” the stage manager and author-to-be in “Bloodbath,” the challenging and dryly funny wife in “Covenant” and a Chinese doll on a ...

Miami Herald

Summer Shorts Festival means summer has arrived
Miami Herald
... writer in “Bloodbath,” an elf in “The Almost In-Laws,” a hula dancer in “One More Time,” Dimon's hoarding-inclined mate in “Duck” and a cat ruining a couple's hot happy ending in Scott Gibson's “Ailurophobia,” notes that jumping from role to role ...


Collins' Crypt: A Eulogy For “Television Cuts”
The hitch in the plan stems from Wylie's ailurophobia, aka the fear of cats, and the meowing bastards seem to know what they're up to and keep getting in his way, leaving him paralyzed with fear time and time again. Written by Joseph Stefano, it's ...

New York Times

8 Models to Watch This Season
New York Times
“I was a total tomboy growing up,” says the Pennsylvanian. “I played for the best ranked soccer club in the country and later moved on to playing for a top volleyball club — never did I think I would get into the fashion world!” And Roche's first two ...

Mehr News Agency - English Version

Kedi: Where cats become characters
Mehr News Agency - English Version
But I also brought my sister along who has a severe case of ailurophobia – the irrational fear of cats. She didn't mind the film at all. I also made a point to ask her afterwards if her opinion of cats has improved any by watching Kedi. Surprisingly ...

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