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A Könyv - A Magyar rockerek portálja
A Rockerek Könyve "Ha nem érted, akkor keveset ittál." Szánin. írta: Dijavola 2006. Jaja waa szia dijavola kosz cselik. Nincsmit hello honnan írtok egy bot. Zahony mien várda egg manokaa howa.



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Economic Times

Mumbai is witnessing a trend of micro flats as stakeholders make the best use of limited space
Economic Times
But their annual household income should not exceed Rs 18 lakh and this should be their first house purchase. The scheme also give s developers 100% tax exemption on the profit of a project with apartments up to 30 sq m (323 sq ft) in Mumbai, Delhi, ...

Texas has a rather hole-y phobia
In Texas, the only holes that we aren't afraid of are donut holes and swimming holes. Sinkholes and potholes are another story. According to a new study of every state's pet phobia, the top phobia in the state of Texas is trypophobia, the fear of holes.

50 Bizarre phobias that sound made up
We all have reasonable fears like spiders, thunder, heights and so on. These are common and well, realistic. However, there are people out there who have far worse fears than that. READ MORE: 15 ghost towns to visit around the world. For example, some ...

Bizarre phobias for Friday the 13th
The connotations associated with Friday the 13th are believed to have arisen in the Middle Ages. Although the exact reason for the fear of this day — also known as paraskevidekatriaphobia — is not known, it is believed that it may have originated ...

and more »

Modern phobias: The new fears caused by pressures of 21st century living
DOMATOPHOBIA. Fear of houses or being in a house. Do not watch Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother. Same advice applies for non-domataophobes. KAINOLOPHOBIA. Fear of anything new. The only explanation for Jim Davidson's stand-up routine.

99 Bizarre Phobias You Never Knew Existed
Domatophobia – the fear of houses. 80. Rhabdophobia – the fear of magic. Weirdest Phobias You Never Knew Existed. © Shutterstock. 81. Basiphobia – the fear of standing up or walking because they are scared they might fall. Okay, that could get serious!

Modern phobias: From cheese to politicians, check out strangest things people fear
After a woman admitted to being so scared of cheese she can't hold back tears at even just the sight of a slice of cheddar, it turns out she's not alone. As un-brie-lievable as it might seem, there are hundreds of other phobias brought on by modern ...

and more »

Gazeta Wyborcza

Organizacje żydowskie w Polsce: Zalewa nas fala antysemityzmu, nie czujemy się bezpiecznie
Gazeta Wyborcza
Oczekujemy od władz publicznych, by nie tylko przyznały, iż antysemityzm jest złem - ale że jest złem tu i teraz, że zagraża w Polsce dziś i że musi być napiętnowany i ścigany. Brak przeciwdziałania ze strony władz odbierany jest bowiem jako ...

and more »

VTC News

Hội chứng kỳ lạ khó tin: Sợ tiền, sợ nói nhiều, sợ tóc tai,...
VTC News
Domatophobia - sợ ở trong nhà. Nếu như việc trở về nhà là điều hạnh phúc đối với nhiều người. Tuy nhiên, những người mắc phải hội chứng Domatophobia lại cho rằng việc ở trong nhà là "quá sức chịu đựng". Thậm chí họ còn gặp phải nhiều triệu chứng ...



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