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Phobia - Wikipedia
A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. The phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months.

Phobia | Definition of Phobia by Merriam-Webster
These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'phobia.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Phobia | definition of phobia by Medical dictionary
phobia [fo´be-ah] a persistent, irrational, intense fear of a specific object, activity, or situation (the phobic stimulus), fear that is recognized as being excessive or ...

The Phobia List
NEWS. Added three phobias to the letter "Q". Fredd -Fredd ----- If you appreciate the Phobia List, please help support it.

Phobias: Learn About Phobia Causes and Treatments
Get the facts on phobia causes, symptoms, and treatments. Types of phobias include social phobia, agoraphobia, and specific phobias (claustrophobia, arachnophobia).



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Independent News Coverage Pakistan

Top 100 Phobias people hold
Independent News Coverage Pakistan
Catoptrophobia – The fear of mirrors. Being afraid of what you might see. Agliophobia – The fear of pain. Being afraid something painful will happen. Tokophobia – The fear of pregnancy involves giving birth or having children. Telephonophobia – The ...


4 Creepy Mirror Legends, Because Sometimes Your Reflection Isn't All That's In There
I mean, I don't have catoptrophobia or eisoptrophobia, which are the actual medical terms for straight-up fear of mirrors; I've been known to waste massive amounts of time using mirrors to do respectable, adult things, like trying to straighten my ...

BuzzFeed News

Spectrophobia Is A Thing And You Definitely Have It, Sorry
BuzzFeed News
There's a fear that we don't talk about nearly enough, and it's called spectrophobia (or sometimes catoptrophobia). Tap to play GIF .... But seriously, if you think mirrors aren't scary, take a look at this GIF and try to just chill in your bathroom ...

The indy100

Artist creates terrifying illustrations of your biggest phobias
The indy100
Nearly everyone is afraid of something. Whether it's spiders, clowns, tiny holes or things that go bump in the night you probably have a phobia of some description. There is no better time to explore your fears, and your ractions to them, than October ...


Top 20 weird phobias
Barophobia– Fear of gravity. Bibliophobia– Fear of books. Catoptrophobia– Fear of mirrors. Chromophobia– Fear of colours. Cometophobia– Fear of comets. Coulrophobia– Fear of clowns. Dikephobia– Fear of justice. Dromophobia– Fear of crossing streets.

Paste Magazine

Phobia Fest: Matching 25 Films with Fears
Paste Magazine
Mirrors are a constant presence in horror movies, with the mirror scare as one of the most commonly abused cliches, but few films are actually ABOUT evil mirrors. If you harbor an irrational fear of them, though, then a movie like Oculus was created ...

Afraid of bridges, chins or belly buttons? 13 bizarre phobias for Halloween
Halloween is here at last - a day when we celebrate the spookiest, most terrifying things in the world, like zombies, mummies, ghosts and vampires. We're unlikely to see a zombie walking down the street (we hope), but spare a thought for the people who ...

Times of India

Today's 'Face Your Fears Day'! How will you face it?
Times of India
Koumpounophobia: Fear of buttons. Katsaridaphobia: Fear of cockroaches. Cibophobia: Fear of food. Ombrophobia: Fear of rain. Recommended By Colombia. Catoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors. Ergophobia: Fear of work. Thaasophobia: Fear of sitting.

AEC News Today

Horrifying video: Man eaten alive in Thailand Buddhist temple *updated
AEC News Today
Horrifying video has emerged of a Thai man being eaten alive by a bear at a Buddhist temple in Phetchabun Province in north-central Thailand. According to local reports 36-year-old Naiphum Promratee and four friends decided to visit the local Buddhist ...

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AEC News Today

Gravity-Defying: Vietnam Mobile Police Swat Team Scales Building With a Pole
AEC News Today
If you are ever locked out of your high-rise apartment and need some help to get back inside, phone your friendly neighbourhood Vietnamese Swat team… and ensure you have a bamboo pole long enough to reach your balcony. In a video of a tactical ...



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