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List of Phobias : IRRATIONAL FEAR - English for Students
List of Phobias : The ROOT-WORD is PHOBIA which comes from Greek word Phobos which means IRRATIONAL FEAR.



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Your Deepest, Darkest Fears, According to Your Zodiac Sign
Cacophobia: Fear of ugliness. Libra is known for their love of beauty, but this isn't limited to physical attractiveness. “Ugliness” can also refer to conflict, negative energy, and imbalance, all of which give Libra a stomach-ache and an urge to ...

Business Insider

These Are The Most Outrageous Phobias You've Never Heard Of
Business Insider
... of the body- Sinistrophobia; Mother-in-law- Pentheraphobia; Number 8- Octophobia; Otters- Lutraphobia; Phobias- Phobophobia; Rain- Ombrophobia; Sun or sunlight- Heliophobia; Trees- Dendrophobia; Ugliness- Cacophobia; Vegetables- Lachanophobia ...


10 Types of Phobias You Never Knew Existed
Unless you're made of stone, there's a good chance you're afraid of something. Whether it's your neighbors dog, being way above sea-level, or the thought of spindly spiders, different types of phobias are common among humans. And while there are ...

Paste Magazine

Phobia Fest: Matching 25 Films with Fears
Paste Magazine
Edith Scob gives an incredible performance as Christiane, a woman terribly disfigured in an auto accident, kept as a prisoner and forced to wear a mask to hide her ugliness. As we can't see her face, Scob's eyes tell the whole story in what turned out ...

Top 10 Strange phobias
Glasgow Evening Times
7 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: This, ironically, means the fear of long words. 8. Cacophobia: Whatever you do, don't look in the mirror - this is an over-whelming, irrational fear of ugliness. 9 Pteronophobia: Is the fear of feathers or of ...

ABC Online

Circular logic: phobia, design and the revolving door
ABC Online
A fear of dental treatment might well have helped create more comfortable surgical processes and environments, but it might be glib to say that the chief phobia among designers is cacophobia, the fear of ugliness. In the case of the revolving door ...



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