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List of Phobias : IRRATIONAL FEAR - English for Students
List of Phobias : The ROOT-WORD is PHOBIA which comes from Greek word Phobos which means IRRATIONAL FEAR.



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Mexican Students Create Simulator to Overcome Fear of Driving
Latin American Herald Tribune
“Our app is designed to be used with virtual reality headsets, which immerge users into the driving experience. Car controls were also created to simulate driving,” creators Gabriel Gonzalez Ramirez, Jan Luis Juarez Avalos, Jorge Eduardo Lopez Gonzalez ...

The News Wheel

13 Phobias That Involve Cars, Driving, & Being on the Road
The News Wheel
Vehophobia: The fear of driving. Being in vehicles might not be terrifying, but controlling one can cause severe emotional distress to some. Amaxophobia: The fear of riding in a car. Even if you're not the one behind the wheel, riding in a car can ...

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WCVB Boston

35 Quirky phobias you might have
WCVB Boston
Everyone knows of the usual phobias like fear of heights, small spaces and public speaking. But here are 35 lesser-known phobias from which you may suffer and just not know what to call that uneasy feeling. 35 Quirky phobias you might have. Loading ...

The Truth About Cars

Fearful Drivers are the Greatest Ignored Danger on the Road
The Truth About Cars
Mental health specialists have gone further by defining a variety of driving related phobias – vehophobia, amaxophobia, hamaxophobia, ochophobia, dystychiphobia, and motorphobia. As with most psychological conditions, people experience driving-related ...

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Truth About Cars

The Car To Be Seen In: 1968 Quasar Unipower
Truth About Cars
This is not the car for those who suffer from either scopophobia (fear of being seen) or amaxophobia (fear of riding in a car), or God forbid you suffer from both. But if you do and get offered a ride in a 1968 Quasar Unipower, at least a grab bar is ...

What's really behind America's transgender mania?
... amathophobia (fear of dust), amaxophobia (fear of riding in a car), androphobia (fear of men), anginophobia (fear of angina or choking), anthrophobia (fear of flowers), anthropophobia (fear of people or society), aphenphosmphobia (fear of being ...


在英语(精品课)里有个后缀phobia多用来表示“对于某个事物极端的、非理性的惧怕”,中文多称为“恐惧症”。我们常见的有“密闭空间恐惧症”(claustrophobia)、“蜘蛛恐惧症”(arachnophobia)等。近几年随着手机的广泛普及,还 ...

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