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Phobia-Initiated Ability Manifestation | Superpower Wiki ...
The ability to gain abilities that are related to a target's fears. The user can gain abilities that are related to a target's fears. The shift may just be aesthetic or the user will gain all the powers and the form of the feared being/object.

List of Phobias : IRRATIONAL FEAR - English for Students
List of Phobias : The ROOT-WORD is PHOBIA which comes from Greek word Phobos which means IRRATIONAL FEAR.



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Elite Daily

People Afraid Of The Dark Are More Imaginative And Smarter
Elite Daily
Fear of darkness, known as nyctophobia (or achluophobia in extreme forms), is actually a pretty common condition that many people can't seem to shake, even as adults. In fact, a 2012 UK survey found that nearly 40 percent of respondents were afraid to ...

Detroit Metro Times

Phobiac: NØMADS' Nathan Lithgow on fear of the dark, and show at Third Man next week
Detroit Metro Times
This guy put together this amazing list of clinical phobias that have been diagnosed throughout the history of psychology, and as I was searching through for "achluophobia," which is the fear of darkness. It just kind of became very compelling to me to ...

Why so many adults can't shake their fear of the dark - or sleep without a light on
This is because, New York magazine writes, it's not the darkness itself which terrifies us, it's what the darkness may be hiding, leaving us "vulnerable and exposed." Just think of the horror films which play on being stalked, hunted and observed ...

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ScreenAnarchy (blog)

PHOBIA: Trailer For The Anglo Italo Horror Anthology About All Your Fears
ScreenAnarchy (blog)
Alessandro Giordani (ITALY) – Astrophobia – Fear of stars or celestial space. Jason Impey (UK) – Achluophobia – fear of darkness. Alessandro Redaelli (ITALY) -Parthenophobia – Fear of virgins or young girls. Sunny King (NIGERIA) – Nychtohobia – Fear of ...

Sailing World

Sailing at Night
Sailing World
Achluophobia, the fear of the dark, is the third most common phobia in the world, with nearly 75 percent of adults reporting some level of fear when the lights go out. According to researchers at the University of Toronto, the fear of darkness is ...

Scaring kids with ghosts and monsters can have psychological effects
According to Bess and Nina, when fear of the dark reaches a degree that is severe enough to be considered pathological, it is called nyctophobia or achluophobia, one of the most common phobias in both children and young adults. The two psychiatrists ...

Halloween cocktails that are so sophisticated it's spooky
Halloween is finally here, and nothing makes fake blood, gore and scary stories easier to take than a cocktail or two. These sophisticated Halloween drinks from mixologist Masa Urushido of Saxon + Parole will make your night a whole lot of fun, whether ...

The indy100

Artist creates terrifying illustrations of your biggest phobias
The indy100
Nearly everyone is afraid of something. Whether it's spiders, clowns, tiny holes or things that go bump in the night you probably have a phobia of some description. There is no better time to explore your fears, and your ractions to them, than October ...


Techly Explains: The crippling fear of blushing, and whether we can cure it
Imagine you've just been told to stand up and sing in front of a room full of strangers. For most people, this is a pretty terrifying thing, and it would be accompanied by a normal physiological response. First, your nervous system would tell your face ...

Huffington Post

Fear Of The Dark: Is It Really Irrational?
Huffington Post
Most grow out of these fears as they get older. A severe fear that persists into adulthood may be classified as a phobia, he said, sometimes called nyctophobia, achluophobia, scotophobia or lygophobia. In many cases, a phobia of the dark that persists ...



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